I’ve Got This! Affirmation Decal


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I’ve Got This!  Affirmation Decal made by Bliffin House Creatives

The words we say to ourselves are so powerful!  Especially the silent ones we aren’t even quite aware of.  They are directly related to the beliefs we hold deep inside -and our beliefs create our reality.

Are the words you say to yourself positive and uplifting or are they critical and pessimistic?  If they are, you can begin turning them around.  You can begin reprogramming your subconscious mind with new empowering words, which means new empowering beliefs.  And after a while, these new words will start ‘sticking’.  They’ll start taking over and replacing the old worn out beliefs that have never served you well.

One of the keys is REPETITION.  That’s why these Affirmation Decals are so useful.  We have over 65,000 thoughts a day.  And in an average person, 70% of them are negative.  So, reprogramming your mind with new beliefs is a numbers game.  When you place these Affirmation Decals around your home, you’ll not only be reminded to think and speak your new belief to yourself – even when you don’t, your subconscious mind will still be taking it in.

These decals are made from durable black vinyl.  They hold up great in bathrooms.  Place them on mirrors and walls in any room of your home.  They go great in bathrooms, bedrooms, even living rooms and offices.  Bring one to work and place it on your wall there.

They are approx. 16″ wide  x  4″ high.

These decals are die cut, so there is no background.

Easy instructions included to apply to your wall or mirror.

They remove easily as well.